Mountain and Big Game hunting in Russia and Central Asia


“Hunt Expeditions” is outfitter who organizes mountain and big game hunts in Russia and Central Asia. We are a team of professionals with many years of experience in the hunting industry. We offer a full range of services for organizing a hunting tours with an attentive attitude to all the details from the moment of booking the hunt until the moment you return home.

Full first-hand information on a specific hunting, necessary permits and visa support, advice on clothing and equipment, booking hotels and local transfers, personalized client accompaniment during whole trip and hunting, and much more to make your adventure comfortable, safe and successful!


“Hunt Expeditions” has everything to make your adventure unforgettable — knowledge, experience and passion for hunting. Concentrate directly on your hunting and enjoy, and we will organize your trip. We value and respect the wildlife world.

We are of the same blood with you … we are the Hunters!