"Hunt Expeditions" was founded in 2019 by Alexey Alekseev.

Like many of us, I started hunting with my father from childhood. And I dreamed of connecting my life with hunting, so that hunting became my way of life.

In 1999 I graduated from the University specializing in the training of specialists for the hunting industry — integrated nature management/wildlife management.

After graduation I continued to work in the hunting industry as a professional hunter, I worked for more than 14 years in the mountains of Russia and Asia, including 12 years of experience working with foreign hunters.

During this time I spent more than 100 hunting expeditions and gained vast experience in managerial work, experience in organizing hunting tours and field work.

This allowed me to check personally each direction and area and find proven partners locally.

“Hunt Expeditions” is not a big company, the way of my work is attentive attitude to each client and to all the details so that your hunting adventure is safe, comfortable and successful.

Our market is not a large, but more demanding circle of hunters, we are trying to become your PERSONAL OUTFITTER!

Welcome to Russia and Asia! See you soon on the hunt with the “Hunt Expeditions”!

Hunting we organize

Our specialization is Mountain hunts. We organize hunting trips in Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Trophies that you can harvest with us:  Snow sheep (Kamchatka, Koryak, Okhotsk, Kolyma), Argali (Marco Polo, Matison, Tian Shan, Hume, Severtzov), Tur (Dagestan, Kuban, Mid Caucasian), Ibex (Mid Asian, Altai), Maral (Tian Shan, Altai), Brown Bear (European, Kamchatka), Moose (European, Chukotka) and Siberian roe deer.